This Grace Loves Lace Collection will Leave You Loving Lace

Comfort, elegance and style are a few words to describe this bridal collection and also the goal of every wedding dress.

The LA BAMBA collection by Grace Loves lace is an absolute yes for chic and stylish brides in this season. The fabrics were made from the finest silk and lace, with no heavy adornment or embellishment.  The shine and shimmer feel on the skin will allow a bride to have a relaxed, fun and danceable party.

Here is what creative director Ziems Megan has to say about the designs:

“Our vision has been to create gowns that are dramatic and effortless – fabrics and shapes that have visual impact whilst still being lightweight and easy to wear, rather than traditional, restrictive dresses that don’t allow women to move freely.  It’s our duty to turn it up a notch – giving women the excitement and authenticity they deserve. La Bamba is truly ‘luxury you can dance in’ – high impact gowns that don’t sacrifice wearability

increase wearability.

Design brand: @graceloveslove

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