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Halima & Khalid Met 10 Years ago as Uni Students & It Was a Magical Connection!

Sometimes, we think we’re not ready for love but then love shows that it is ready for us and hands us the most beautiful gift ever! This was the case of Halima and Khalid who met as university students uninterested in love or romantic relationships.

For Halima, she had just gotten out of a relationship and for Khalid, he simply felt he wasn’t ready. For both of them, a relationship was out of bounds. But then love has its own ways and agents – in this case, the agent was a mutual friend! 😅 How did it all unfold? Well, you already know it led to a happy ever after as here we are gushing over the lovebirds. Keep scrolling to see the full gist, just how Halima narrates it. Their pre-wedding photos are giving us all the doses of beauty today and we’re absolutely rooting for them.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story as shared by Halima below.

Their love story as shared by Halima:

We were both sceptical about relationships as I was in my freshman year and wasn’t ready for a relationship until at least my 2nd year. Khalid who was in his final year at the time had also told everyone he wasn’t ready for a relationship as well until after University.

Our first meeting felt so natural and we connected just like magic! We couldn’t stop calling or texting each other after that day.

Our relationship continued to blossom over the years and we have worked consciously towards having the best relationship. So excited we get to take our first step to forever, 10years later. ❤️



Bride: @a.halima_._
Bride’s Dress: @ara_grande_couture
Groom’s Outfit: @greencutton
Bride’s Ankara: @theseamsmistress

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