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Distance Was No Match For Hamsy And Azunda’s Sweet Love! #IntoTheWoods22

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. Hamsy and Azunda can totally relate to this saying because distance does not hold a candle to the love that they share.

These sweethearts started out as good friends and their love for each other led to a beautiful relationship. Though in different locations, the distance was no match for their love. Today, their lovely pre-wedding photos remind us that nothing can come between true love. Hamsy and Azunda look smitten in their photos and we are totally excited for them.

Enjoy their lovely photos and love story below;

Their Love story as shared by Hamsy:

We met in 2011 at KNUST Ghana and we were just friends. Over time, our friendship got deeper and we started a long-distance relationship in 2017.

Distance had nothing on us, it only made us get stronger because all we could do was communicate! We knew we were made for each other so we got engaged on Christmas Day in 2019.

We made the perfect team- against distance, time, and everything in between and we pulled through. Stronger and more in love than we’ve ever been! Now it’s #IntoTheWood


Bride @hamsybiu
Planner: @oraventss
Photographer @save_a_shotweddings
Mua @mz_weezzy
Black dress @ama_rosow

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