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Hannah & Michael’s Love Story Began 9 Years ago With a DM and a Christmas Photoshoot

Love unfolds in unexpected ways. Hannah may have sought a photographer for her Christmas photoshoot but she ended up finding more than a photographer… She found Michael, her soulmate! 😍

It all began nine years ago on the beautiful streets of Instagram. Michael had slid into Hannah’s DM just when she was looking for a photographer – talk about perfect timing. Even though they were not looking for a serious relationship then, everything changed when they found each other. It’s been a smooth ride ever since and now, they are set for the altar! Their beautiful pre-wedding photos are full of love and warmth and you need no soothsayer to tell you that these two are obsessed with each other!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Hannah:

In 2014, some random guy (my husband) slid into my DMs. He was intrigued by my name ‘Imoleayo’ because we are both Celestians and laughed about it with his brother. I checked out his profile and saw that he was a photographer which caught my interest because I was looking for one to take my naughty Christmas shoot. According to him, I gave boring responses when he messaged me but that was because I wasn’t looking for a relationship. However, that changed very quickly after that photoshoot.

I was only going to date him for a short period and he had the same idea but down the line, we wanted to build and grow together and that surpassed anything else. We are very much best friends, competitive (even with each other especially… our jobs), and always want the best of the best for each other. We’ve been together ever since (2014 – ♾️).

Fun facts:
-I went to his classes more than I went to mine (my mom and dad probably shaking their head).
-We both moved to Canada in 2010.
-I polished up his Yoruba when we met so we could gist freely in public.


Makeup @lades_touch
Photography @ifedayo.x
Planner @lh_events

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