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Michael Has Found His Forever Love in Huda

It’s so beautiful when people find love the minute they said they were no longer interested.

Huda and Michael are definitely a beautiful Ghanaian couple with a sweet love story. They met back in 2014 at a point where Huda had decided that she wanted to stay away from relationships. Well, Michael stuck around and their friendship boomed into this moment.

Read all about their love story below:


Here’s how it all started according to Huda:

We met in early 2014. By then I thought I was disinterested because I had just taken the ‘vow’ that all broken-hearted girls take- to stay away from relationships. However, he seemed completely undeterred and kept trying to reach me.

According to him, he realised the “normal route” wouldn’t work with me and decided to try an alternative approach. He came at me with the offer of friendship instead. Not in an annoying, intrusive way though, we had the best conversations, hung out quite often running errands together and tasted food from all the corners of Accra.

After 7 months, when we both couldn’t deny that we wanted more than friendship, he took me to one of our favourite spots and asked me to officially be his girlfriend. We dated for 5 years and he asked me to marry him during our 6th.




Photography: @focusnblur
Videography: @blaqeyeconceptgh
Makeup: @mzl4wson
Planner: @whitechalktheplanner

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