Feel The Vibrance of Culture With Ify & Yele’s Traditional Wedding

Traditional weddings are always a cultural showcase and we love all the elements that come with it.  Ify and Yele met through a mutual friend in church, you can catch all the juicy details here. After sealing their love legally, they decide to tie the knot the trad way!

Ify stunned in different outfits and fully repped the Delta-Igbo culture in a chic way and her Akwa Ocha outfit had us drooling. Yele looked magnificent as well, repping his Yoruba culture. They brought many interesting highlights to their wedding, like unveiling the bride, the traditional wine carrying to identify the groom and the traditional rites of handing the bride over to the groom.

What is a Nigerian wedding without friends and family turning up to the maximum? The guests at this wedding did not disappoint and you can tell that they had loads of fun. Ify and Yele had such a beautiful wedding and they are one sweet couple we will always love!

Enjoy their traditional wedding below.

The gorgeous Ify and her favourite girls

Let’s have the bride!

The sweet unveiling moment

Let’s seal this for life!

The Joy!

Let’s have a quick look at the reception decor

Can’t get enough of this cute couple!

Let’s begin with the groom’s entrance!

Give way for the gorgeous bride!

Now, let’s get to the legendary Igba Nkwu (wine-carrying) ceremony

Ify and Yele aren’t joking when it comes to looks! It’s time to rep the Yoruba culture.

Here comes the latest couple!

The sweet father-daughter dance

Aww, the couple’s first dance

Let’s have the cake!

It’s a fun night from here!


Hairstylist: @styledbydoubra
Akwocha: @debbscut_
George Outfit: @veekeejames_official
Photography: @the.alfe
Videography: @jamespuks_films

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