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It is Sweetness Overdose With Ify & Yele’s Pre-Wedding Photos

Ify and Yele are one couple that make us excited about love! Their journey has indeed been beautiful to watch. Just when we thought we’ve had enough sweetness from their pleasant surprise proposal and intimate civil wedding, these sweethearts decided to give us a love overdose with their stunning pre-wedding photos.

They came repping in their culture-inspired outfits! The soft stares into each others eyes, the way they hold each other, every thing about their photos is so heart melting. This pair are lovestruck and it is so glaring. We are all giddy for this couple and rooting for them!

Enjoy their lovely pre-wedding photos below;


Bride: @ify_ol
Makeup: @dt_faces_
Dress: @debbscut_
Photography: @the.alfe
Gele: @taiwos_touch


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