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All Thanks to NYSC, Ihotu Got to Meet The Love of Her Life, Maro!

Often times, we think we have our lives all planned out. Then Cupid shows up with a more beautiful plan and we can’t but just accept it. Ihotu can relate because that’s how she met her soulmate, Maro.

She already had a location in mind for her NYSC program. However, when the time came and she was posted to another state, she didn’t know that it was love’s little hand, positioning her for a perfect fairytale. She crossed paths with the love of her life and it’s been a magical ride ever since. As they embark on their forever journey, they are serving us sweetness with their pre-wedding shoot. They look so cute together and we are absolutely rooting for them! 😍

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by the bride:

After completing my bachelor’s degree in Dubai, I was posted to Imo State, Nigeria, for my NYSC. Initially, I was unhappy about the posting and tried to redeploy to Abuja as planned. However, it proved difficult to change my posting, so I decided to remain in Imo State. I began working at the Imo State Government House, under the Office of the Commissioner for Co-ordinating Economy. Little did I know, my future husband was there too. He was a technical assistant in the IT department. For over a year, we served in the same office without speaking to each other or taking much notice of one another.

After completing my service, I was retained in the office. It was then that we began to get along and work closely together. Six to eight months later, we started dating. Soon after, I had to travel to the UK to complete my master’s degree. I thought our relationship might not survive the distance, but to my surprise, he made the decision to move to London to make our relationship work. He became my rock and confidant. We shared the same dreams, and he loved my family like his own. A couple of months later, we got engaged, ready to embark on the next chapter of our lives together.


Bride @so_strange2
Groom @earl_maro
Planner @eventsbybettyb
Makeup @glambystunner
Outfit @jhene_couture
Hairstylist @styledby_donald
Photography @crystalmediaphotography

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