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From Meeting at a Cousin’s Wedding to a 4-Page Long Boyfriend Application! Here’s Ijeoma & Kachi’s #BNBling

Intentionality and efforts are so attractive! This is why we can’t just help but love beautiful surprise proposals. Kachi went on one knee and asked the love of his life Ijeoma to marry him and well, she said yes! Theirs is a beautiful story of fate, love, pure intentions, and sweet efforts.

Want to know how this couple met? Ijeoma and Kachi met at their cousins’ wedding. While the moment seemed like a fleeting coincidental meeting, there was more to come! The pandemic happened but came with its own blessing in form of love. The two soon formed s cordial friendship and then Kachi pulled a sweet feather from his magic hat… A 4-page boyfriend application! ?

We bet you can guess what the response to that application was since we are here loving the beauty of this surprise proposal. We are so stoked about how beautiful Ijeoma and Kachi’s loved bloomed and we know you want the full scoop on how all these events played out and birthed this magical moment.

Keep scrolling to see how Ijeoma tells their love story. Also, enjoy all the beautiful photos from their proposal below.


Their love story according to Ijeoma:

Kachi came to Houston for his cousin’s wedding, who incidentally was getting married to my cousin. We met at the end of the night, on my way out of the hall – he was smitten. I remember telling him, “ all these games you’re playing, are you ready to be taken? Because this is about to change your life. ” He was shocked, I laughed and went home.

I never anticipated seeing him again. Well, COVID reared its ugly head and it came with all the travel restrictions. I had a 6 week “ hop around the world “ trip planned but couldn’t go. Kachi was also trapped in the US for months. We were devastated.

He would work from home during the days. We would check in on each other and complain about how we missed our real lives. Kachi started finding places with adequate social distancing regulations to invite me out to. (Because I refused to catch covid o! Lol. Also, I had turned down the first couple of suggestions).

He was so creative! Nail salon dates, cooking dates, car wash dates, abandoned steak houses and restaurants… He knew everyone’s schedules and their opening times. It was fun getting to know each other and peeling back layers – as friends though.

Oh, there was a boyfriend application Kachi put together- 4 pages long! He had sent it a couple weeks after we met and had some serious talks.  At that time I just wanted to start my new job and wasn’t going to let COVID romance disturb me. I graduated Medical school a couple of months later and my graduation was cancelled. So, I had to have a home graduation. I gave everyone 15 minutes time slots for a drive through. Kachi and his big head came hours earlier.

He played all the games and stayed till it was over – he made it clear wasn’t going to miss a moment . That was the day I fell in love with him. (The same day he proposed a year later I might add).

Kachi sent the boyfriend application again. This time, with new addendums and scheduled a meeting to talk about what life will be like dating over the Atlantic. Doctor/ residency life vs entrepreneur life style… His Isi Aki tendencies vs my naughty self. ? Learning transparency and keeping me in the know (which is still kinda is a work in progress).

I just asked that he matched the “day one” energy and thus far he has been doing just that.



Bride-to-be: @dr_nech
Groom-to-be: @_redwine1011
Planner: @etaleventsng
Photography: @806photography
Videography: @Mcefilms
Table setting: @Foodcrushcatering
Decor: @Ornatebyetal
Balloons: @zigis_confetti
Lighting: @Sydeninteractive
Special effects: @sydeninteractive
Violinist: @Cjviolinist
Chairs: @thePartyrentalstation
Venue: @radissonblulagosikeja
Food and drinks: @radissonblulagosikeja
Letter light: @Tachiraevents

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