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A Nigerian-Ivorian Fairytale! Kelechi & JR Met at a ‘Detty December’ Party 4 Years Ago

Where true love is concerned, barriers do not exist. It will always find a way to thrive, resulting to a ‘happy ever after’ story. Kelechi and JR are cupid’s latest match.

The Nigerian beauty and Ivorian prince charming met at a ‘Dirty December’ party four years ago. Over the years, they have defied cultural and geographical barriers,  making love their universal language.  Now, they are set for a lifetime journey and we are completely gushing over their chemistry and how smitten they look in their pre-wedding shoot. No doubt, these two are soulmates for life and we are so happy as they embark on their forever journey.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story from Kelechi’s POV:

In the vibrant streets of Lagos during Detty December of 2019, our love story unfolded. Enveloped by the pulsating rhythm of music and the warmth of mutual friends, fate orchestrated its intricate dance, weaving our destinies amidst the festive celebration. Little did we anticipate that a global pandemic would soon reshape the course of our lives. As the world retreated into solitude in response to the pandemic, our paths diverged unexpectedly. Months later, amidst the quietude of quarantine, we discovered a lifeline through social media. As the virus disrupted the world’s plans, our connection endured. Through FaceTime calls and shared virtual laughter, the spark of interest ignited. From pixelated screens to heartfelt conversations, we began unravelling the layers of each other’s stories.

Despite the physical distance, our hearts drew closer, and a love story unfolded—one that had its roots in
the lively chaos of Lagos and blossomed against the backdrop of a world in lockdown. Initially reluctant to venture beyond the confines of Nigerian culture in matters of the heart, I grappled with the stark cultural disparities that contradicted my ideal of a partner with shared Nigerian heritage. However, as our relationship deepened, I made a conscious effort to keep an open mind. Learning about his upbringing and embracing his background became my journey. I aimed to understand the challenges Jr faced straddling between Ivorian and American cultures from a young age — to such an extent, I devoted myself to French lessons as a means to deepen our bond.

Quickly, my perspective broadened, discovering the beauty of love beyond borders and the richness of diversity within the African continent. Breaking free from preconceived notions, I developed a deep appreciation for his roots, the delectable Ivory Coast cuisine, and the lyrical elegance of the French language. Initially, Kelechi’s parents harbored reservations, but witnessing the strength of Jr’s love and unwavering resolve for me softened their hearts. Love became the universal language bridging cultural gaps, transforming skepticism into acceptance. The journey taught us the significance of embracing differences, fostering understanding, and finding love that transcends cultural boundaries. Now, as we celebrate our third-year anniversary, our love has not merely endured but flourished into a beautiful tapestry of shared interests. Seamlessly integrating our lives, we discovered common passions—such as a love for diverse cuisines, a thirst for travel, and a shared vision of creating generational wealth.

In the vibrant city of Miami, on our third-year milestone, Jr orchestrated the most enchanting proposal. Against the backdrop of dazzling lights and the sounds of enchanting melodies of smooth jazz, he posed the question that would alter our lives forever. It was a moment more beautiful than any dream I could have envisioned—a testament to the depth of our connection. As we eagerly count down the days to our wedding, reflections on the incredible journey flood our thoughts. Our love story, once interwoven with uncertainties, has transformed into a narrative of acceptance, growth, and unwavering commitment. With shared dreams, common interests, and the promise of creating a future together, we stand on the precipice of forever, ready to embark on the next chapter of our love story.


Bride: @dr.eyetravel
Groom: @african_jr
Planner: @38secondsevents
Outfit: @ehi.ehii
Hair: @venuss_touch
Photography: @thedavidmartinss
Makeup: @ariyike_mua
Gele: @gelebyteekay_

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