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Kemi and Kunle Went From “Hello” at a Friend’s Bridal Shower to Happy Ever After!

Isn’t it just amazing how meeting someone holds so many promises? One minute it’s a quick “Hello, nice to meet you” and the next minute, it’s a sweet “Yes” to forever! 😍

Kemi and Kunle are making us super giddy today with their beautiful love story. The lovebirds met at a mutual friend’s bridal shower and kept running into each other after then – you can’t tell us this isn’t fate. As time passed, they built a strong bond and became inseparable sweethearts. Now, all roads lead to happy-ever-after and the pre-wedding photos are adding a truckload of sweetness to our day. They make a super cute couple and have stolen our hearts with their beautiful love and photos.
Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Kunle:

Adukemi (as I like to call her) and I met at a time when we both weren’t actively seeking a partner but also hadn’t completely closed the door to love. We initially met at a mutual friend’s baby shower, where we were introduced briefly and with a quick “Hello, nice to meet you”, I never thought our paths would cross again. However, fate had other plans. Some weeks later, I attended a church service and was ushered to sit in the far front row.

While the service was going on, a noise came from the back of the church. I turned to see what was going on and I noticed a lady in a grey dress (LOL, she wasn’t the noise maker). For some reason, I couldn’t see her face, all I saw was a bright light like a reflection shining upon this girl. At that moment, I felt so drawn to her and it was as if God was sending me a message. Unfortunately, after church, everyone went home, and I missed my chance to talk to her, leaving me wondering if I’d ever see her again.

As fate would have it, our paths crossed again at a youth program hosted by the church, where worship, games, drama, and food were included. My reaction when I saw her was “Wow is that the girl in the grey dress?”, and for a few seconds I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was still unsure since I hadn’t seen her face properly before that day. I decided to go over and introduce myself to her. “So, you came for the food or games?” she smiled and said, “No, I came for the worship too”, we both laughed.

Throughout that event, we talked, laughed, and found out more about each other. Each time she was pulled away to talk to other people at the event, I was always looking for her in the crowd. The following Sunday was her birthday, so I seized the opportunity to get her a gift, hoping to plant a seed that would blossom into something more. We went on several dates after that and decided to give love another chance. We committed our relationship to God’s hands at every step.

After three years, I planned a surprise proposal around “my friend/co-worker’s wedding” (LOL, there was no wedding) and took her to a city nearby where the fake wedding was supposed to be. Kemi and I love to travel and had talked about travelling to Dubai and going on a helicopter ride. Although we didn’t get to go to Dubai, I took her on a helicopter ride to see the city. Seeing the happiness on her face during the ride melted my heart! Wheeew, I love seeing Kemi happy!!! After the ride, I got on one knee and asked her to marry me.


Makeup: @makeupbychinny

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