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One Interview & Then Another! See How Kenny & Olayinka Fell in Love

You know how they say a scent can trigger something in you… It could remind you of a memory, signal an alarm or like in Kenny and Olayinka’s case, spark a love flame. 😍

Kenny fell in love with Olayinka’s scent the first time she gave him a hug. It all began 6 years, when she walked into an interview waiting room. She chatted with everyone except for one mysterious young man dressed in black, who kept stealing glances at her. The very next day, fate plays its hand and there he is again, that enigmatic gentleman at another interview. This time around, the engaged in a conversation and they rest they say is a sweet love song! Their gorgeous pre-wedding photos glow with so much love that you’ll catch yourself gushing over each frame as you scroll.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by kenny:

Our story is one of fate and divine orchestration. Olayinka and I met on the 14th of March 2017 at a job interview with Sahara Group. I toddled into the reception like I would any other interview and I sat pretty in a black corporate dress with my brooch sitting pretty on my chest. I was my regular poise, confident and chatty self. To ease my anxiety, I chatted with other candidates and tried to bounce ideas off them, then I noticed a young lad dressed in a black suit rolling in a chair and stealing glances. Our eyes met and he literarily stared through me. I frowned and looked away thinking “Abeg, I cannot let someone make me uncomfortable”.

If you know me, you know I do not like black suits on guys, so I didn’t bother to look at him twice. I went ahead to chat with everyone, intentionally giving a view worthy of a piercing stare. Time passed and it was my turn to be interviewed. I graciously walked out of the waiting room, got interviewed and went home. Upon getting home, I told my twin sister about the black suit guy at the interview and how he stared through my soul, we laughed about it and moved on. The next morning, I followed my sister to an interview with Fidelity bank. As we walked into the reception, I saw the same guy from yesterday, this time he was dressed in a brighter colour and I could see his face. I walked up to him and said, ‘you again?’

I snatched his clear bag from him and went through his documents. To my amazement, I saw that he is a young man ‘DOB verified’ with enviable academic result (certificate checked), and I smiled at him after which I introduced myself. We exchanged numbers and he invited me to a seminar where he was one of the speakers. I thought to myself, where did I find this serious creature? Anyway, I went for the seminar and this time I greeted him with a hug. That was when I noticed how sweet he smells…Heavenly! We had a nice long walk that evening, saw each other a couple of times that week and he graduated from Olayinka to Olami (my wealth). 😍

Like most people, our first attraction or flow wasn’t the one that resulted to this day. We had our breaks but this brought me to the realisation that I do not want to do life without him. Olayinka is resourceful, dependable, understanding, caring, kind, he loves God and definitely loves me past my imperfection. We have built years of friendship, shared a bond I cannot comprehend, and he loves my sister. He got me and I got the prize. Cheers to an incredible forever.


Bride @enigmatickay
Groom @mr.olayinka
Makeup @ceecijoke
Hairstylist @brown_jayhairstudio
Suit @dejiandkola
Photography @tosindaniels_photography
Planner @lemonytouchevents

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