All Shades of Love & Beauty at the #BAAY2019 Nikkai Ceremony

Do you know what they say about marrying your best friend? Laide and Mahel are just the perfect description of that phrase.

Their outdoor  Nikkai ceremony was so beautiful. The couple had lots of fun while celebrating this big step in their relationship. Right after, the joining, the couple went on to host their friends and family to a fun-filled reception. You definitely, don’t want to miss their traditional engagement, you can find it here.

Do you want to know how they met? well, they were matched by Laide’s best friend and sister. The suggestion by these two turned out to be just the perfect match.

Now, let’s get into Laide and Mahel’s love story and their beautiful traditional engagement. Don’t forget to catch up with their pre-wedding shoot.

Mahel and Laide were on two different ends of the world. One of Laide’s best friends Kenny was on a visit to Nigeria when she and her sister decided Mahel and Laide would be a perfect match. Kenny reached out to Laide with numerous messages giving her the rundown on Mahel while Kenny’s elder sister did the same with Mahel. Though they were both hesitant, both sisters were convincing and managed to get them both to agree.

The first call between the two was pretty brief. The second was slightly longer and it involved lots of laughing. Coincidentally, by the fourth or fifth call, he was on his way to the U.S. for a trip he had planned before they were introduced. A week or so after he arrived in the U.S., Mahel flew down to DC to meet Laide and after an eventful weekend, the two practically became inseparable! These two spent many hours on phone calls and FaceTime, even secretly FaceTiming while at work.

They flew between their respective cities for about 2 months. Then one day, Mahel asked Laide if he could speak to her father, he wanted the two families to be introduced. Laide was nervous about how she’d tell her dad but with her mom’s help, she finally told her dad after the fourth phone call that day. His response was epic, “Did you tell him to call me or did he tell you he wants to speak to me on his own”?

 Relieved, she called Mahel and told him after all the back and forth she was finally able to tell her father. Mahel called her dad and within a week or two, the two families met and exchanged gifts … that was their traditional not so modern proposal. They spent the rest of that year learning more about each other and blending their lives with their two children. Their second year together was spent planning their wedding and the rest is history!



Planner: @2706events
Makeup: @tifaramakeovers
Hair: @tasalahq
Photography: @akintayotimi
Videography: @whphmedia
Dress: @lotusbridal
Groom & Groomsmen Tux: @kimonokollection
Bridesmaids dresses: @peridotofficial
Afterparty dress:@st_frimpong

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