Princess & Reggie’s Nigerian-Ghanaian Wedding Was a Sweet Mix of Cultures!

There are so many things to love about traditional weddings. The vibes, the colours, the opulent display of culture… Now, when it’s two different cultures merging together, it gets even all the more beautiful. Today, we’re basking in the euphoria of Princess & Reggie’s Ghana-Nigerian wedding!

The beautiful Nigerian bride, Princess and her Ghanaian Prince charming, Reggie tied the knot in a super colourful traditional wedding. The Iyala and Ga culture were fully represented. Their outfit, the music and the overall ambience of this wedding have us appreciating the beauty and diversity of African cultures. Princess was such an elegant bride and you can just tell how much fun she’s having on her big day. The fun, of course, spread through the couple to all the guests present. Their smiles and joy are so infectious, you’d be smiling all through. Everything about this wedding video will bring so much joy and brightness to your day.

Enjoy the wedding video below.




Videography: @maxwelljennings

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