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A Surprise Dinner Turned Out to be Bisola & Larry’s Dream Proposal ❤️

We love hearing beautiful proposal stories and this one is no different.

Bisola and Larry are all set to do life together. However, before they walk down the aisle to forever, we’ll tell you all about how they met and how Larry popped the question. He popped the question at an intimate dinner party with friends and family.  Everything about the proposal planned by Love & Harmony Events is completely breathtaking and we know you’d love to see it.


After looking at these breathtaking photos, we’re going to let the couple tell us all about the #LBLoveStory proposal.

Bisola has all the juicy details for us;

A week to the proposal, Ola called and told me to save the date “March 6, 2020” as we had a mutual friend’s wedding anniversary dinner to attend. We got candles because we thought it would be nice to get them a gift, little did I know the candles would be for our home.

Let’s hear some more from Bisola;

On the “D” day, we got to the venue and he took me through the back of the venue which I thought was funny. I was like “what kind of entrance is this one? Is this where all their guests pass through”, he just ignored me. The staircase leading upstairs too was overly decorated, I thought to myself “Isn’t this a bit much for Anniversary dinner but what do I know ??♀“.

Bisola says;

Then we got upstairs and I was pleasantly surprised ???…my Accountability Partner asked me to be his Partner and do life with him.

Larry definitely put a lot of effort into executing this perfectly. Let’s hear all about it from him;

I had always known from the moment we started dating I was going to marry her. We had also discussed it. It was a matter of when. My sister & I had selected the ring in January, purchased and kept it for a time she’d be unaware . I just wanted to catch her off guard and I think I kind of did.

The groom-to-be says;

I had supposedly invited her for a mutual friends wedding anniversary dinner and Bisola being who she was had selected candles we could gift them. My sister had literally put everything together and it was just to get her there. With family, friends and our loved ones, I bent a knee and asked her to marry me. Thankfully, she said Yes. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this amazing woman, and create a family with her.

Now we’re just dying to hear how they met.

Thankfully, Bisola and Larry have all the details for us.

So I noticed Ola for the first time during Wednesday midweek service in mid 2018, when he was collecting offering in Church. The first thing that crossed my mind was “oh this guy is cute but why is he squeezing face”, and then that was that. The second time was at one of the small group meetings which the church organizes to help young people interact better. Then the anchor asked us to write our names and telephone numbers on a paper and pass same round for people to pick randomly…what this meant was whoever you picked, you were accountable to. Yeah so this gentleman picked my name “of course, I am sure he was praying to pick my name…lol”.

To cut the long story short, he texted me that same night and it was pretty much an easy flow. I remember one of the things I had asked was, so what are we accountable to each other for? And his response was, pretty much everything to which I jokingly said “I hope it includes money matters too”. We became very fond of each other and i found out what a sweet and caring person Ola was. Fast forward to a year after, we started dating and met both our families. It was very easy for both of us to blend into our respective families.

The groom-to-be shares his own version of their love story;

I met Bisola two years ago in church. She is gentle and has a calm soul. We started a relationship as being friends. In church we were paired as accountability partners and so we had to check in on each other every other week. I grew very fond of her in a short period and of course there were times we didn’t agree as friends. After a period of getting to know each other and being mindful of my next relationship being the one, I knew I wanted to know her in a different dimension. We started dating after a year of being good friends and it’s really been the best time of my life. I introduced her to my family as the one and she fit in very easily.


We bet you are loving every bit of this, catch up on more proposal moments here.



Planner: @lh_events 
Venue: @thewatersidevenuelekki
Decor: @aquarianluxury
Photography: @weezy_scott
Videography: @thegalleryng


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