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Igbo Brides-to-be, This Alluring Igbo Bridal Look is For You!

One of the best feelings is getting complimented for looking so fab when you step out. Now, when it’s your special day, it means even more!

This Igbo bridal beauty look from Lashugaz Beauty is so charming. The glam gives that dreamy look that can captivate anyone in seconds. It blends so perfectly with the muse’s skin that we can’t help but be drawn. The hair also lays pretty with the hair accessories matching the exquisite traditional beads. We’re so loving how the Isi-agu was modernised whilst maintaining its rich essence. If you’re an Igbo bride-to-be, then we totally recommend this look for your traditional wedding ceremony. Who says you can’t be a contemporary queen and rep your heritage perfectly at the same time?! With this look, you’re def getting a truckload of compliments not just on your big day but even years after – every single time someone sees your photo.

Check out the alluring bridal look in the photos below:



Makeup: @lashugazbeauty
Belle: @genevieve.edwin
Hairstyling: @hairbygucchie
Photography: @officialbigdealweddings
Beads: @tophertonyjewelry
Lens: @flawlesssbymimi
Skin: @royale_makeup
Brows: @blossommakeupsng
Lips: @zaroncosmetics x @maccosmetics
Foundation: @hudabeauty
Eyes: @blossommakeupsng

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