Lola’s Bridal Shower was So Luxe!

Lola‘s bridal shower was so pretty! We love everything about it. From the bride-to-be’s look to the decor ? Can you spot the surprise at the party? So sweet! Here is Lola’s description of what happened.

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My bridal shower was an absolute dream. It was mostly a surprise (haha). I say mostly because being the extremely type-A person I am, I begged for two things: to know at least the date and to handle my own attire lol. My friend of almost ten years, King Aiyeh, obliged my extremely detailed requests and created a magical tailored tuxedo dress that I still can’t get over!


Other than that though, my bridesmaids, led by my sister Matron of Honor extraordinaire truly outdid themselves. When I kept pestering her about the theme of the shower, she responded, “It’s not really a theme. It is more of a vibe.” She could not have been more accurate. When I arrived, I was immediately overcome by the beauty of the room, from the stunning decor to wonderful women who honoured my invitation to celebrate my transition to becoming a wife.

The activities and games were super thoughtful. It had all guests engaged and crying from laughter. My favourite hands-down was when Ade and I had to practice our wedding day entrance and first dance. It was a good taste of what 9.1.19 will hold and I am honestly so grateful!


Bride: @lola.abeni
Dress: @kingaiyeh
Makeup: @shandyy_mua
Hair: @fabolous_mane
Decor: @assemblybyk x @karimas_kreations
Food: @adonaiskitchen
Cake and Sweets Table: @mannaofheaven
Shower Planner: @xlualive
Photography: @alexsimonephoto

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