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Mando & Kenneth’s Love Defied Borders – Now It’s #Kendo21 😍

“Love does not give up.” This moment is absolutely apt and resonates perfectly with us today! Mando and Kenneth are a perfect example of this as the sweethearts beat the snag of distance and the pandemic and now it’s time for their forever journey to begin!

Mando and Kenneth have such a sweet meet-cute! The lovers met at a mall in South Africa and Kenneth was hooked from the very first day. Captivated by her aura, Kenneth made his move and that was the birth of this beautiful love story. Our beautiful South African bride-to-be, Mando shares with us, the full love story. Read all about how the lovebirds beat long-distance and the pandemic to arrive at this sweet point. as you scroll through their beautiful pre-wedding shoot. Everything about the #Kendo21 makes us so giddy!

Enjoy the photos and love story below.

Their love story according to Mando:

I remember the day Kenneth and I met so vividly. It was back in January 2016 and I was coming from the gym after an intensive workout. So I decided to treat myself to some shopping at one of my favourite stores in Alberton Mall, South Africa.

I was alone, looking tired and crusty. All of a sudden this guy comes over with a bunch of clothes on his hands and he was following me around the store. He came up to me and forged an accent. 😂 He asked for my number and introduced himself.

I just starred at him cause in disbelief. He was looking really cute I must admit. I formed hard to get and started walking out of the store and he followed me with his hands full of clothes! 🙈 I just stood because I thought about him getting arrested over stealing from the store. He insisted on getting my number and I reluctantly gave him. I didn’t expect him to call at all.

A week or so later I got a text from a strange number. Lo and behold, it was my mystery shopper. The first thing I said was ‘ I thought you’d never call’. We had a nice chat and set to meet up on the weekend. I saved his name as King- I thought that’s what he said because of his American accent.

We had our first meet up at the same mall and boy must I admit he was looking even more handsome. He didn’t want to eat- so he had a milkshake (a strange option for a guy on a first date). I ate food 😛while he sipped on his milkshake and we decided to go to the movies.

A year after we started dating, boo had to move back to Nigeria and we promised to keep dating. It was not easy at all because the distance was too much and communication was sometimes an issue. We both went silent on each other but didn’t end the relationship.

I couldn’t move on… it was hard. God knows I prayed for this man! For the distance to go away and for us to be together. In December 2017, boo asked me to come over to Nigeria. It was only January 2018 that we saw after almost over a year of being apart.

We agreed we’d try our best to make things work and boy it was not easy! Seeing each other only once or twice a year but we endured. He proposed to me on his birthday on my second visit to Nigeria in 2019 and we prayed and believed that we’d get married that same year.

However, things weren’t working out the way we planned. This put a huge strain on our relationship. But we still persisted because of the love we share. We didn’t see each other that year and planned for a visit in 2020, little did we know of the pandemic that would shake the world and put everything on hold.

The year 2020 was really challenging for us. We hoped, prayed and believed all would work for our good. I remember there were times we both wanted to give up. Thankfully, our love sustained us. He was my IT and we weren’t willing to end everything that easily.

Fast forward to November 2020, we knew we had to be together in one country- and here we are!


Makeup: @makeupbychinny
Outfit: @bugheurbanclothing
Planner: @thesweetlayersfactory 

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