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Marian & Ray Found Their Perfect Match in Each Other!

From the stables of Cupid Productions, comes another blockbuster. Of course, the theme remains the same – LOVE! 😅 Today, we’re gushing over beautiful lovebirds, Marian and Ray, and we’ve got Marian’s cousin to thank for this.

You’ve just got to love it when friends and family’s matchmaking skills yield beautiful results such as #MariansRayOfSunshine. Ray’s university colleague happened to be Marian’s cousin and he did the honours of introducing them to each other. Love picked it up from there and now, it’s a happy ever after story! Their beautiful pre-wedding photos are giving us all the reminders we need that love is sweet.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below.

Their love story as shared by Marian:

Raynold was a university colleague of my cousin, Ivy. Ivy always tells Raynold to get married but he always said he hasn’t found the one yet. According to him, finding a woman who checks all his boxes was hard.

And my cousin said “ I have a cousin who checks all these criteria but a little crazy and enjoys the soft life, so be ready to spoil her bad”. He replied, “real men stunt through their women”.  Well, here we are now!



Bride @afia_stylish
Groom @raynoldopoku
Planner @sproutaffair
Photography @jema_photography
Videography @blaqeyeconceptgh

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