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It’s #MaSilva24! Enjoy The Beautiful Highlights From Maryam and Leo’s Wedding

Whenever we hear the wedding bell ringing, it’s almost impossible for us not to dance to its tunes. We are up and giddy today, thanks to Maryam and Leo DaSilva.

Their beautiful journey began at a conference 6 years ago. You can read all the juicy details here if you missed them. They get to spend the rest of their lives together after tying the knot in a rich Bura-Yoruba traditional wedding.

The lovebirds represented their Bura and Yoruba roots to the fullest and it was such a delight seeing the fine blend of love and culture.  We’ve got some exclusive highlights from their big day which will make you blush non-stop.

Check out the exciting highlights below:

Let’s start with the elegant bride in all her beauty!


Now, check out the dapper groom!

Time to meet the in-laws…

Here comes the bride…


Oh the richness of culture!

It’s signed and sealed!

Reception O’clock and it’s a banger!

Trust you had fun catching up to all the beautiful moments of the #MaSilva24 wedding!

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