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Leo Knew Maryam was Going to be His Wife When He Saw Her 6 Years Ago

It’s been a deluge of beautiful weddings this year and today, two of our faves have joined the love train! Nigerian reality television star and entrepreneur, Leo Dasilva is set to tie the knot with his activist baby girl, Maryam!

The lovebirds met 6 years ago at a conference and the moment Leo heard Maryam speak, he was convinced that she was going to be his wife. You’ve got to scroll down and read all the juicy details on how he decided to shoot his shot. They are are blessing us with sweet doses of love and beauty with their pre-wedding photos and we can’t get enough. Their beautiful photos have made our day and we bet it will make yours too.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Maryam:

In 2018, I was still very active in the advocacy for ‘Not too Young to Run’ and I had just joined a new political party, so I was attending the ‘Not too Young to Run’ conference, called the Convergence. I was on a panel discussion on stage and he was in the front row, he was invited by Hamzat Lawal, our mutual friend. Anyway, after the event was over, Hamzat asked me to come over so he could introduce us. So we sat down and basically spoke about social issues like education etc I posted about it online and he followed me online as well. Anyway, we didn’t really talk much for some months but we were cool.

Conversations here and there Then January of 2019, he called me and said that he wanted to settle down and he felt like I was going to be his wife. Apparently, while I was on stage, God told Him I’d be his wife. So after that conversation, I took him seriously and we were friends for like 6 months talking almost every day. Then in June he asked me to be his girlfriend and I agreed.

This month makes it 5 years of us being together plus the first six months when he became a really close friend of mine, supportive of my career, always calling to listen about my day and everything going on with me. He was just a solid and responsible guy and I loved all that about him. So even when he first asked me, I had the feeling he was just different and we could stay together long term.

He always lifted my mood and made me happy. That’s the emotional side of the story And through the years it’s been clear how much he loves me and how dependable he is. He made me a much better person than I was when we first met. He’s the best man I could ever have hoped for.


Bride @mimie_softie
Groom @sirleobdasilva
Planner @exquisiteluxuryevents
Photography @BigHweddings
Makeup @Glamdeck
Outfit 1 (Saki) @The_Cicada
Outfit 2 (red dress) @NifaStudios
PR @shadesmediahq

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