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All it Took Was a Look at Paula’s Photo For Frank to be Smitten!

Meeting someone for the first time could open doors to many possibilities. In Paula and Frank’s case, it was the beginning of a perfect fairytale.

Two years ago, Paula’s cousin introduced her to Frank, the gentleman who was smitten by her photo on Instagram. They clicked instantly and she met him for the first time during her visit to Nigeria – this meet-cute solidified their bond.

They knew what they had was real and now, it’s a sweet love song as they embark on a forever journey.  They are serving up so much cuteness with their pre-wedding shoot and we can’t get enough. Each frame will leave a big smile on your face as you scroll.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:


Their love story as shared by Paula:

In April 2022, my family was traveling to Nigeria for my dad’s Ozo title ceremony. A couple weeks prior to my arrival, my cousin told me there was a former colleague she knew who saw my photos on Instagram and wanted to get to know me. She showed me his photos and asked if she could give him my number. I thought he was cute enough, so I said yes. We chatted for a week or so before I landed in Nigeria, and by that time we’d already felt connected enough that he invited me as his date to a company party.

Meeting him in person felt like I was spending time with someone I had known for my entire life. We instantly both felt comfortable and at home with each other. We pretty much started dating after that and knew after 3 months that this was the real deal. Navigating long distance wasn’t easy, but we were very intentional about seeing each other every 3-4 months, whether in Nigeria or by meeting in different countries. After 16 months (August 2023) we did our iku aka (introduction ceremony), and he also officially proposed.


Bride: @ilonziefonzie
Groom: @mrphrank
Planner: @elithan_events
Makeup: @tomi_aina
Wig: @kennimashair
Feather dress: @the_ave_brand

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