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Mojoyin & Debo Thought They Had Nothing In Common But Love Had Other Plans

Sometimes, we think love cannot happen with people who are completely different from us. Then cupid shows up with a well structured plan and voila, you end up being a perfect match! Mojoyin and Debo had their share of cupid’s magic and it has been a thrilling adventure for these lovebirds.

They met at a church teenage camp and at that point, they felt they had nothing in common. Now, these lovebirds are inseparable and are living the same dreams of a happy ever after. They have us obsessed with their stunning pre-wedding photos. Every photo displays the beautiful friendship they have built. We can not get over the rock-paper-scissors photos which takes them back to when they met. Mojoyin and Debo are all shade of cute!

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below;

Their love story as shared by Mojoyin

Debo and I met at our church’s teens camp (he claims he met me earlier but I don’t remember lol 👀). We always maintained our friendship but we had very little in common back when we first met. I was very quiet and reserved🙃🙃 while Debo is very playful. Who knew that from playing rock paper scissors for jokes, we would be playing it to decide our wedding dates 😂😂😂. We are incredibly excited at what the future holds for both of us as a married couple. To my person, it’s me and you till the wheels fall off babe ❤❤

Their love story  shared by Debo

I had been trying to get Mojoyin’s attention for a while when we were younger but she was quiet and reserved while I on the other hand was known as the loud guy in the choir who drums. I felt nothing was really in my favour to attract such a calm girl, but as life will have it, we ended up at a church camp where we kind of connected, shared some giggles and kept contact.

Since that camp, I never found anyone that understood and connected with me as she did so we built our friendship into a relationship. Now I’m the quiet one and she’s the loud one😂😂😂. To my Forever GenZ baby, I promise to never stop loving you. ❤❤


Bride: @mojoyinola_
Groom: @debo.lipede
Photography: @nicoleadehi_valeo |  @ella.ikem@ebun.medessou
Planner : @qmaravieplanners


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