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Olorunfemi Found The Love of His Life on a Friend’s WhatsApp Status! #FOMO23

Finding the love of your life might not be so difficult after all. Sometimes, all it takes is viewing a photo on a friend’s WhatsApp status.

Miriam and Olorunfemi are cupid’s match for today. Their love story began when a mutual friend posted Miriam’s photo on WhatsApp. Olorunfemi could not resist her beauty so he got her contact details. One thrilling phone call led to a sweet first date and now, they are on a forever journey. We can’t get over how their beautiful love radiates from their pre-wedding photos. We are obsessed with these lovebirds and you certainly want to take in all the love and beauty for yourself as you scroll,

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Miriam:

I was out for a weekend brunch with my childhood friend who happens to be Olorunfemi’s friend too. Of course, my friend posted pictures of us on her WhatsApp status and he saw it. The man couldn’t ‘unsee’ the beauty of that day. He asked my friend if he could get to meet me and she gave him my contact details after checking with me.

It was a rainy Tuesday evening and I saw my phone ring. I picked up and the gentleman on the other side introduced himself as Olorunfemi. He explained how he got my number from my friend and went on to engage me in a conversation. We ended up speaking for over 20 minutes. It simply felt like we have known each other for a while. We kept in touch via text messages until he made a trip to Lagos 2 weeks later where we eventually met in person over lunch. The rest they say is history.


Planner: @lh_events
Photography: @abayomiakinaina for @abayomiakinainaweddings
Makeup: @jhulesb
Studio: @abayomiakinainastudios

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