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They’ve Got the Same Name & are in Love! The #NanaNana2k19 Love Story

When the photographer falls in love.

Ghanaian photographer, Nana of Adonai Studios has found his heartbeat, Nana. It’s just so cool how they have the same name, I mean, it’s a pointer that they are meant for each other.

The couple stepped into forever together over the weekend and we must say that Accra wasn’t ready for them. But before then, let’s take a look at their pre-wedding pictures captured by Adonai Studios, of course!

The bride, Nana shares how her love story with Nana began:

We met in 2014 at the University of Cape Coast Campus in my fourth year and his service year. We first saw each other when a classmate asked me to star in a skit he was working on at the time, he also happened to ask Nana to come take a few shots of our rehearsals one day. Prior to that, I had heard his brand name “Adonai Photos” then on campus a couple of times but I didn’t have a name to the face.

During the rehearsal, my classmate mentioned “Adonai” and I turned sharply to face him and I asked, “ah you’re the Adonai?” He said yes and that was the end. I remember glancing over at him and thinking, Oh, wow, he’s cute. That thought evaporated immediately though when he reviewed my performance and told me that I sucked. Over the next few months, we went through a series of knowing and unknowing each other, until the following April, I called him one afternoon on my way back from a bank close to his hall.

Now from that day, our history started. We spent any and every available time we had together– either online or in person. We became practically inseparable and by the time I graduated and moved to Accra, we knew we had something special and were both in it for the long haul. Years later, post-everything life threw at us, (which we handled like bosses), we now find ourselves both happily and eagerly planning our wedding. We could not be more excited to celebrate the next step in our journey.



Bride: @mhiss_nana
Groom: @adonai_studios
Photography: @adonai_studios
Videography: @adonai_studios
Planner: @eventellz
Makeup: @da_therapizt
Hair: @beauty_faculty
Dress: @elocksclothinggh

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