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Work Brought Nanya & Emeka Together – Now It’s Forever To Go!

Love can find us anywhere. We bet you’ve heard this many times over – even from us! Today, Nanya and Emeka prove that love happens where, when and how it will. 😅

The lovebirds started on a corporate note. Then friendship followed. Now it’s a “happy ever after” story, and we’re super excited for them. Nanya and Emeka have us drooling over their beautiful pre-wedding photos. The chemistry they exude is simply electric.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below.

Their love story, as shared by Nanya:

Sometime in 2018, I was introduced to the new account manager virtually for my company. He was going to be in charge of managing the company’s transactions. He was very efficient and ensured there were no delays from either him or his team. On days when we had delays or network downtime, I would always reach out with the intention to bite someone’s head off. Lol. But Eme was always responsive and calm… In his words, “Ify, I’ll sort you out in 10 minutes”, and he always did.

With us, it was always working till the beginning of lockdown when he always had something to say about my posts or threatened to send my posts to my boss. I remember always screaming “this guy I will block you! ” I didn’t know this was going to lead to days, weeks and months of continuous conversations. Lockdown literally changed everyone’s body clock and Eme would stay up keeping me company and waiting for me to be done with work at midnight. From the first week, he had started saying “just marry me already”. Lol. After lockdown, we went on dates, focused on spending quality time and building a strong friendship before we officially started dating in April 2021 and here we are!

Here’s Emeka’s side of the story:

Looooool, how and where do I even start from? She was the liaison officer that always spoke to me about their transaction at the time I used to manage her company’s account. To be honest, every time we spoke over the phone, I never believed that one day she will be my wife and my world. She always spoke with so much elegance and me being a gentleman, I always got her what she wanted in a very calm manner. The first day I set my eyes on her, it was just a casual visit to her office and this was me trying to see who I always spoke with in the heat of banking pressure and looking for money as the marketer that I was. Fast forward to Christmas in 2019 she came to my office to give me an office hamper. I was like, “WOW this babe is good-looking”. The next time I saw her was in church and there I got a whole lot of time to stare at this beauty.

Then lockdown happened and that’s when I got to know more about her. One thing that stood out was the kind of knowledge she had. With her sense of humour and how she handled stuff; I was completely swept off my feet. I honestly had gone through a rough patch at the time we started talking. Obviously, I went on my knees and asked God for a lot of things.  God answered my prayers and said, “Take, this is what you asked for we actually started dating on the 5th of April 2021.



Bride @r.maey
Planner @lh_events
Photography @tosin_josh | @tosinjoshweddings
Makeup @folaoyeleke
Bride’s Outfits @hami_jani
Bride’s Trad Outfits @amyaghomi
Gele @just.gele
Accessories @glambeadsbyseline
Groom’s White Outfit @p_ariesclothing
Groom’s Isiagu @dejiandkola  

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