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Nkiruka’s Family Member Knew Franklin would be Perfect for Her

Love makes us so happy and today we are in that happy mood with the #Franki2019 love story and pre-wedding shoot.

Nkiruka and Franklin got to know each other each other through a family member who figured they’d be perfect for each other. Years after, it turned the family member was just right. The #Franki2019 are gearing up to walk down the aisle and we couldn’t be more excited.

Okay, the bride-to-be, Nkiruka shares their love story and how Franklin proposed. Read all about it below. When you are done, remember there are more beautiful love stories you definitely want to read here. Enjoy!


A family member of mine met him at a wedding. They got talking and she thought he’d be perfect for me.

We started chatting a year later on Facebook and we remained friends for a very long time until we decided it was time to take it to the next level.

On my birthday we went to see a movie, just before the movie started my picture appeared on the screen with Ed Sheeran’s perfect playing.

The cinema hall went aww, but in the end, it was a “ happy birthday message”.  The next day I had dinner with my friends,  at the end of the night, he proposed after he made us watch a video on his laptop.


Bride-to-be: @kneekii
Groom-to-be: @franklindoz
Makeup: @achicabonita
Photography: @jesseonlensphotografi

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