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Nnamdi Met Chetanne at a Wedding & Now It’s Time for #ThebigdealWedding21

All roads lead to Enugu!

Do you know why? It’s a photographer’s wedding…

Wedding photographer, Nnamdi of Officialbigdealweddings has found the love of his life in Chetanne. To be honest, this love story is one that makes us our heart giddy. They met while he was on a job covering a wedding which happened to be Chetanne’s younger sister’s wedding.

Let’s just give you a summary before you read all about it from the groom. It goes this way- cover an event, ask your boys what’s going on, don’t refuse the food offered by the bride’s sister! Do your inquiry, collect gifts then tell her you will see her again!


Here’s how this photographer found his bride:

In December 2019, I had a traditional wedding job in Mbano, Imo State. On that day, I got to the bride’s family house and met Chetanne who happened to be the bride’s elder sister. She looked so beautiful, we casually greeted and I continued working. During the job I noticed my boys taking turns in going somewhere and coming back. At first, I didn’t bother but when it continued, I had to ask them where they were all going to. They said the bride’s sister had been disturbing them to eat something so they had been taking turns to do that.

After the job, Chetanne met me and told me my food had been kept aside for me and I had to eat something before leaving. She was so homely and made sure we ate, drank, and got some gift items for us. I met a mutual friend of the bride at the wedding, so I called her aside and inquired about Chetanne from her. She smiled and told me all I wanted to hear at that moment. After eating, I thanked Chetanne and told her we would see the next two days because I was also covering her sister’s white wedding.

On the day of the white wedding, I got to the bride’s hotel and was stylishly looking out for Chetanne. All through the morning photo session, I didn’t see her and I got a bit worried. During the church service, I kept searching for her but she was nowhere to be found. Towards the end of the church service, as I was working, I turned and my eyes beheld the most gorgeous lady ever. She smiled at me and I came close and took some personal pictures of her.

In my mind I was like “ehe, na now my day start” lol. I didn’t see much of her during the reception because she was so busy. After the wedding, I searched for her and found her. She posed and I took extra photos of her. She gave us some food and gift items, as usual, lol. I gave her a hug and told her I would give her a call. I didn’t ask for her number and she didn’t ask how I would call her without her number. I just knew I would get her number and call her.

The next day, the bride called to ask if we got home safely. I casually told her I met her elder sister and I really liked her. We spoke some more and ended the call. A few days later, I posted some pictures from the wedding on my page, Chetanne liked the pictures and dropped a comment on one. I rarely go through my comment section but on that day, I did. I immediately sent her a dm and the rest as they say is history. After a while, I met her parents and made my intentions known. I asked her to “officially” marry me during one of our pre-wedding shoots (I’m an Igbo man, no need to waste time). Chetanne is such a sweet lady with the love of Christ in her and I am so excited to start this new phase of life with her.





Bride: @chettiebright
Groom: @officialbigdealweddings
Planner: @shamol_experience
White wedding planner: @stmmagicalcreations_events
Photography: @officialbigdealweddings| @nonniz_photography| @lexisweddings | @lucasugoweddings | @imagefaculty
Makeup: @isabelmakeover | @asaaofficial |@adammakenneth
Hairstyling: @hairbykingz | @c.c_hairways
Outfits: @rey_perla
Floral Dress:@sodesignsbyso

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