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Oma & Victor Made a #VOwToLove23 and There’s No Going Back!

Ever wondered if angels are closer to us than we think? Well, they’ve got to be because we can literally describe people who lead their friends to happy ever after as angels on earth!

Oma and Victor are on their forever journey…and yes, a mutual friend did the matchmaking! It all began when this lovely friend posted a video of Oma Snapchat and Victor could not get her off his mind. A hangout and a phone call later…the lovebirds became inseparable. They are giving us so much love and beauty to drool over with their stunning pre-wedding shoot. Oma and Victor look so perfect together an we are absolutely rooting for them!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Oma:

My friend, Violet, came to see me at work. This was when I was still working at a radio station. She made a goofy video of me dancing and posted it on her Snapchat and we laughed it off. Fast Forward to almost a week later, she called me telling me that one of her friends had seen the video on her snap and wanted to meet me. I was like “na play abi you dey serious?” She responded by saying “I’m very very serious” I was still laughing when I asked her to send me his Instagram profile so I could check him out. “Let me even see if he’s fine” While we were still on the call, I saw that she had sent me his profile for real and the minute I opened it my heart dropped.

I didn’t even know her phone was on speaker when I said “Ommmoooo Violet, this guy is handsome o! Do quick and introduce us” Apparently, he heard what I said and was chuckling when Violet responded that she will do the introduction very soon. Almost a week and a half had passed and still no introduction. Which kind wahala be this? One evening we were visiting her friend near Mega Chicken when I told her that it was not fair o, why did she tell me about this guy if she wasn’t going to introduce us? She immediately picked up her phone and rang Vic up. He picked up her call and offered to come get us from where we were to wherever it was we were going to and as God would have it, he was just a few turns from where we were.

As we were approaching his car, Violet kept telling me to seat in front. I told her no o because I’m shy so she sat in front while I sat at the back. As soon as I sat down, Victor turned on the inner light of his Benz and stared me in my eyes for what seemed like the longest 5 seconds of my life. I was blushing so hard. He then greeted me and told me I’m as beautiful as my Instagram page. My mouth was so dry, I don’t remember if I even said thank you. We made a quick stop to pick up something for Violet and when she stepped out to get what she needed, Vic and I had the time to have a little chat. He was asking me so many questions. The kind of questions a serious-minded man asks and I was answering as honestly and openly as I could. Fast forward to later that night, he dropped Violet and I at my house and he told me he can’t wait to see me again. That was the beginning of our forever.

Their love story as shared by Victor:

I met Oma through a long-time friend Violet, who was visiting Nigeria at the time on holiday. The first time I took notice of her was through a video Violet shared on her Snapchat story of Oma during an On-Air session and having fun at it – I thought the video was goofy and hilarious. Some days later, Violet visited and I randomly made mention of this girl she put up on her Snapchat story doing some really funny stuff and she proceeded to call her friend because apparently, the friend had also asked about me. A week later or so I was on my way back from work when Violet called me and asked if I was around that they were close to VGC and needed a lift home so I stopped by Mega Chicken and picked them up. Violet sat in front while Oma was at the back. During the ride, we all briefly talked but it was when we made a quick stop at Violet’s friend’s house that we had a chat about the usual; what do you do etc and I quite enjoyed that chat.

Violet noticed that we had clicked and got Oma to sit in front while she moved to the back. When we got to their final stop, I was shy to ask Oma for her number (a man didn’t want to come off desperate) and so I left it to fate to handle haha! As fate will have it and quick enough for that matter the next day on my way back from work I heard a phone “conveniently” ringing in my back seat and was a bit confused. I answered it and it was Oma’s cousin who wanted to speak with her. I then realized it was her phone and searched for her main number on the burner phone and called her. We planned to meet to hand over the phone and she bought me Hollandia to say thank you lol. After that day we saved each other’s numbers and started texting and talking from there. That was the beginning of our forever.


Bride-to-be: @omajaybrand
Groom-to-be: @vicneji
Bride’s dress@james_fashionhouse
Hair Stylist@meenabeautybar

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