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Oreva’s Tear-jerking Wedding Vow Will Get You So Emotional!

The vow exchange remains one of the most important moments of a wedding. It is the affirmation of everything else – the whole essence of two separate people becoming one. That’s why we just can’t get over this video.

This beautiful bride Oreva said her vows to her prince charming, Jimi in a uniquely sweet way. Rendering a piece on how much her husband means to her and promising to always love him, this bride really had everyone emotional. Words are so important especially when they’re coming from a place of love. Now, this bride’s words on her wedding day reinforces the power of beautiful words spoken in love. We absolutely love how she bared her heart and of course, all the other joyful moments in the video. The best man’s speech also gave us a window into how beautiful their love truly is and we’re absolutely rooting for the couple.

You should totally watch the video below and we bet it’ll make your day. Also, here’s a free tip – grab your tissue before you start! ?

Enjoy the video below:


Featured Image: @chrisogunsolaweddings  

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