Oyindamola & Daniel’s Fairytale Began With a Sweet Compliment in Church

Love happens in the most magical ways. One minute, you meet someone for the first time and the next, you are spending the rest of your life with them! 😍

Oyindamola and Daniel met for the first time in church. Their conversation began with a friendly compliment by Oyindamola… little did she know that this was going to lead to a whirlwind of romance. Now, these two get to seal their love in a white wedding ceremony and it was just so beautiful. They both looked absolutely dashing in their outfits and radiated pure love. Their special day came with a truckload of love and sweetness and you’ll love every frame as you scroll.

Enjoy their wedding photos and love story below:

Oyindamola in all her beauty 😍

Their love story as shared by Oyinda:

The first time I saw Daniel was in November 2020. We were both visiting a church we had been invited to. After service, I walked up to talk to my friend, and he was there talking with her. Trying to be polite, I gave him a compliment about his beard. Little did I know that such a compliment would make his head spin. We both revisited the church a week later, and he asked for my Twitter handle, which I gave him. We started having little conversations here and there, and he eventually asked me out on a lunch date a few days later. We met up for the date and had really interesting conversations. A couple of days later, he asked me to be his girlfriend, but I wasn’t interested then.


Daniel made such a dapper groom

Fast forward to February 2021, when Daniel decided to pick up the conversation again (a persistent man). Through our conversations, I discovered how amazing he is and began to catch feelings for him. He asked me to be his girlfriend again, and I finally said yes. In Daniel, I have found a partner, a friend, and a love that has unfolded unexpectedly yet beautifully. As the chapters of our story continue to evolve, I’m excited for the journey ahead, knowing that with every step, my heart finds its home in his.

A perfect dose of love and beauty

Their love story as shared by Daniel:

As Oyinda mentioned, we met in church…blah blah blah – I won’t bore you with the exact details. But I figured this was the perfect moment to explain why I consider myself the luckiest guy on the planet to be tying the knot with her. If you’ve had the pleasure of knowing me, you’d know that I’ve led a life that’s nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. But having Oyinda in my life? Well, that’s like hitting the jackpot! It’s like I stumbled upon a winning lottery ticket while strolling down life’s bumpy path.

See, if you ever get to meet her, you better hold onto your cap and stand firmly because she’s a tornado of awesomeness. She has this magical ability to leave people blown away. She’s not just impressive; she’s the most impressive woman I’ve ever had the privilege of encountering. She’s like the Michael Jordan of impressive women. She is my personal superhero, my secret weapon, and my go-to guru for life advice.

She’s not just my partner in crime for all things related to great food, epic events, lazy TV shows, social gossip, tackling problems, having a blast, and navigating the wonderful world of the in-between together, she’s the glue that holds my world together. Her brain and heart are like a tag team of wonder and amazement, and I often catch myself wondering how on earth I managed to land this incredible human. It’s so surreal, it’s like I’m living in one of the shows we’ve seen — a true rom-com! I am very excited to be doing this with the one person who makes it all worth it.

This sweet first-look moment is giving us butterflies

Let’s begin the ceremony with the bridal entrance 😍

Time to be joined in holy matrimony

Sealed with a perfect kiss!

Now Mr and Mrs!

It’s reception o’clock but first, let’s take in the beauty of the decor

Lovebirds coming through in style 😍

Team bride or team groom? 😍

What’s a celebration without cake?

The sweet mother-son dance

Daddy’s Little Princess

Dancing to the sweet tunes of love

It’s about to be a lit after-party!

It’s all fun from here!


Planner @curatedbymaju
Decor @avrilevents
Photography @tomiwaajayi
Videography @mcefilms
Makeup @tmtbylayinka
Wedding dress @perfectoccasionsbridal
Reception and after-party dress @florencebyester
Bouquet @adelasflowers
Catering @povieskitchen | @safetomeventsandcatering
Hair @monsurrhair
Band @jmc_liveband
Lighting @sydeninterative
Desserts @parfaitdesserts
Small chops @soulfoodavenue
MC @dareogunleye
Cake @sweethorizoncakes
Grills and after-party chops @sycamorefoods
DJ @djuzzycool

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