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First Meeting & Daniel Knew he had Found a Wife in Peace


They say when you meet that one person you just know.

We bet that Daniel can testify to this statement. You know why? The first time he laid his eyes on Peace on the lift at work, he knew that he had found his wife. He even went to his desk and excitedly told his colleague that he had found his wife ?. Well, the #PDK2020 tied the knot last weekend and today we’ve got their pre-wedding shoot, love and proposal story for you.



We get to hear their love story from the groom, Daniel:

On 10th May 2017, I met Peace on the lift at work. I hadn’t seen her around the office so  I asked when she joined the company and if she ever came down to the canteen for lunch, I also asked for her name and in response, she told she recently joined the company for NYSC. I immediately knew in my heart that she would one day be my wife. I remember hurrying back excitedly to my desk and telling my colleague that I had found my wife. I immediately searched for her on LinkedIn and sent her a request to connect. After several messages (French pick up lines and what not!), some of which got ignored, I was finally able to persuade her to have dinner with me outside the office.


Our first date was great, I pulled out all the stunts, cards and game I knew, I wasn’t going to let her slip away. We had several other dates in quick succession and really enjoyed each others company. On 6th June 2017, I asked her to by my girlfriend and she said yes. I was over the moon. 23rd March 2019 I asked her to marry me and while it’s been a journey, we are excited about our future together.

Here’s how Daniel popped the question:

I had decided earlier in 2018 that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Peace. I bought the engagement ring in October 2018 and was waiting for a perfect time to ask her. We always enjoyed spending time on the beach so I decided to propose on the beach since it is one of our happy places. On the 23rd of March 2019, a day after my birthday, I invited her for a casual beach outing with her sister and our close friends unknown to her that I had other plans. It came as a surprise when a large “will you marry me banner” along with a violinist, photographer and a drone carrying the ring appeared from nowhere. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me! I was elated she said Yes.

Here’s how Peace recalls the proposal:


It happened the day after his birthday in March 2019. I was somehow expecting a proposal on his birthday as I had already received several clues, we went to dinner and I noticed a photographer at the restaurant taking photos so asked Daniel if it was what I thought it was ?. Long and short of it, the proposal didn’t happen that day.

The next day was an outing to the beach, he had invited some close friends and family and I assumed it was to celebrate his birthday in full since his actual birthday fell on a weekday. I had pretty much gotten over the idea of a proposal so just went on about organising the beach outing. I had a dentist appointment earlier in the day, which he accompanied me to. I noticed he kept going out to take calls but just decided to trust his intentions (and focus on my painful teeth!).

I also remember him asking me to “wear something nice” and “invite my friends” to the beach and in my head, I was like ?. “It’s just the beach, we go all the time”. We got to landmark beach and as soon as we were settled in a cabana, he mentioned he had spotted some of his high school friends and was going to say hello. He came back but gave no feedback or asked me to be introduced. I thought that was odd as he would typically introduce me to anyone he knew. Decided to trust his motives and focus on having a good time. Friends and family eventually joined us and I went to pick up a pizza we had ordered. I got back and noticed a violinist playing, soon it was cameras and drones everywhere. Daniel got down on one knee and proposed and the rest is history.




Planner: @lh_events

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