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Kwame had His Eyes on Rama from their Very First Meeting! See their Pre-wedding Shoot

With love from Ghana!

Rama and sweetheart Kwame are the reason we are smiling today. Their simple chic pre-wedding shoot captured by FocusnBlur and love story is just everything. They met way back in the University and Kwame had his eyes on her. But nothing happened until much later when the banker asked the lawyer to open an account with their bank, that conversation led yo the #RK2020 union.


Keep scrolling to see their beautiful photos and love story

Here’s how it all started according to the photographer, FocusnBlur:

Rama was a fresher in her first year at the University of Ghana, Legon. Kwame was a second-year student and they both happened to be residents of Ghana Hostels, popularly known as Pentagon. Fortunately, Kwame and Rama had a few mutual friends, those Kwame knew from JHS and had come to know in his first year at Legon; while most were Rama’s seniors from AIS. He set sight on her in a friend’s room and expressed interest in this young beautiful fresher. To the blind side of Rama, they set her and Kwame up to have a convo in Rolex’s room ( a mutual friend).

After, a long ‘non-fa’ conversation, Kwame asked Rama whether she believed in love at first sight. The young lady was astonished, “why will he ask me such a question, she queried? “. That question ended the conversation and they both went their separate ways. Fast forward to 2019, a banker will ask a lawyer to come and open an account and the end story was RK2020; love happening at first sight.



Photography: @focusnblur

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