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Sade & Ousbound’s Mums Came up With a Sweet Matchmaking Plan and It Worked!

An old proverb says “What an elder can see while standing, a child might not see even when on the tallest tree.” After reading today’s story,  you’ll agree that this saying also applies when it comes to love. 😍

Sade and Ousbound are on a sweet forever journey and it is safe to say their mothers’ foresight made it happen! They were just two strangers until their mums decided to take matters into their hands and come up with a sweet matchmaking plan. Alas, their plan worked as the sweethearts hit things off almost immediately.

We’ve got their pre-wedding photos to drool over today and we are simply obsessed with the love and beauty that exudes each frame. They look so cute together and their photos are all you need for a bright and beautiful day! 😍

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Sade:

On a random day at work, I got a text from my mum saying “Someone will follow you on Instagram, follow him back and reply to his DM because I know you” (I have a bad habit of not responding to DMs if I don’t know the person 🤭). I accepted his follow request and followed him back so I could access his page as we both have private pages. He sent me a DM introducing himself (I figured he was my dad’s friend’s son and our mums had taken it upon themselves to set us up 😆).

We exchanged numbers and the first time I saw his WhatsApp DP, I remember telling myself “This man will either be my husband or the worst heartbreak I’ll ever have in my life” because I had never liked anyone so much by just seeing a picture. We spoke for the first time on February 18th 2023; from that day, he became a part of me. I had never met anyone so intentional and genuine in my life, he was definitely made just for me. He flew to Nigeria from America just to see me and ask me to be his girlfriend with a beautiful note and a Swarovski necklace, my mind was blown! We got engaged 7 months after we started dating and we are getting married.


Bride @sade__o
Photography: @damimanuels

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