In 3 Months of Meeting, the #SAMgetsHARITHED Union Happened!

Today’s love story is summed in this statement by the groom: “we met, we connected, we fell deeply in love and wanted to get it right“.

It all started with joining a social awareness campaign. Later these lovebirds, Samira and Harris connected again via mutual family contacts. Three months into knowing each other, they knew they wanted to spend forever with each other.

We’ll let the groom, Harris let you in on all the gist. Here’s how it all started:

“Our initial contact started when I joined an awareness campaign initiated by the Samira Sanusi Sickle Cell foundation where you hold a placard showing your genotype, I jokingly wrote I am AA so I can marry all genotypes”.




We then met again through mutual family contacts and along the way we discovered we were two souls who found their comfort zones in each other, we were truly meant for each other. Within 3 months of our meeting, we knew we both wanted to make it official. This is why we always consider our story to be pretty much simple; we met, we connected, we fell deeply in love and wanted to get it right. We are partners-in-life and together, we make a great team. Our marriage is truly a reminder that indeed the promise of God is true.



Photography: @kunle_laniyanweddings
Creative Director: @mamahsanusi

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