10 Years After Meeting in Med School, Sanmi & Tobi Take it to the Aisle

They say love conquers all and today, that statement resonates very loudly with us as we celebrate the beautiful love that Sanmi and Tobi share, and we take in the sweetness of their wedding photos.

Sanmi met Tobi in her third year in medical school, after her aunty mentioned him to her. A friendship soon blossomed and now, they’ve got forever to share their love. After getting hitched in a colourful Yoruba trad, they tied the knot in a beautiful white wedding ceremony with family friends and loved ones all present to share in their joy. From the prep to the vow exchange, reception and after-party, one thing was clear – Sanmi and Tobi are head over heels in love and it absolutely shines through. You certainly want to enjoy all the thrills that came with their big day. So keep scrolling.

Enjoy their white wedding photos and love story as shared by Sanmi below.

Let’s head over to Tobi and his squad as they also get ready!

Their love story as shared by Sanmi:

I was visiting the UK in 2011 when my aunt asked me if I knew Tobi, stating she’d known his family for many years and that he was 3 years ahead of me in medical school. I was in 300 level, and I had never heard about him. So, I promised her I’ll look for him when I returned to Nigeria. As soon as I got back to school, I asked around about him and found out he was in his final year. “Hiiii are you Tobi”, those were my first words to him when I saw him walking opposite my hall one sunny afternoon, on my way back from classes. We quickly became friends and I remember from that day forward; we spent every single free time together. We were inseparable, it was magical. From taking long walks around our university campus to several dates at our favorite restaurants to long phone calls when we were physically apart, we learned so much about each other and it didn’t take long to realize we were in this for the long haul.

However, our journey wasn’t the smoothest because I was really young when we met and my parents were not having it. Who was this guy coming to “distract” their daughter who was studying to be a doctor? Being in a romantic relationship wasn’t in their plans for my life at the time. But Tobi and I knew what we wanted, we knew our journey was divine and we were dedicated to making things work despite the odds against us. I graduated in 2015 and he proposed to me in 2016 shortly before he moved out of the country for his master’s degree, and we kept waiting in faith for our wedding. We talked every day about everything, and nothing could keep us apart, not even the 9-hour time difference. Almost 2 years after, I also left Nigeria for my master’s.

Oh, the sweetness of love!

Despite our strong desire to be together, neither of us liked the idea of going against our families. We wanted their support, we wanted peace, we wanted to do things the right way. So, we waited and just prepared for the life we envisioned. We travelled together and made lots of beautiful memories while also advancing in our careers. It took many years of prayers and tears to see our dreams finally come true in 2021, after 10 years. We travelled back and said “I do” in the presence of our parents and loved ones. Everyone was in agreement, all issues had been settled, and we had a very beautiful celebration. Love found its way to us forever!

Now, let’s take it to church!

Make way for Mr and Mrs!

It’s reception O’clock!

Let the celebrations begin!

Make way for the lovebirds!

Now, to the cutting of the cake…

Talk about a pleasant surprise…

To the magic of the first dance…

Some romantic fun…

Who best to share in the joy if not the couple’s parents!

Party after-party!