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Semnen & Moses’ Sweet Love Story Started on Facebook

Today’s love story reminds of the song by Essence-Facebook love (you can go ahead to sing it).

Semnen and Moses‘ love story started eight years ago on Facebook, then they met physically for the first time. They decided to take things to the next level and they began a relationship. Though they broke up at some point, they found their way back to each other and they officially tied the knot last weekend in Jos.

Just because we love to know the groom’s side of the story, here’s how Moses’ recalls their love story:

I met Semnen 8 years ago, prior to that time we had been introduced by a mutual friend. My first message to her was on Facebook which was her birthday in January of 2012. We got talking and texting afterwards and by this time she was schooling in Ukraine. We finally got to see in August when she came for the summer holiday. I drove from Abuja to Jos with so much joy in my heart (I had never travelled to Jos prior to that, neither did I know the route).

Before this time, I had gone through a rough path with relationships, but being with Semnen brought comfort and we created an environment where we could dream and create a future for ourselves. I knew she was the one for me. I was quite certain at 25 with a young lady at 20. She was my perfect lady in words and deeds. Sadly, after the 3 months holiday, during which I visited Jos twice, she had to return to school in Ukraine. Distance had its toll on us. We tried to keep up with the communication, but the fine boys in Ukraine stole her from me.

Fast forward to 2019, I was in a place when I knew It was time to make a decision on whom to spend my life with. We reconnected by events I will say was divine. At the time she was in the Netherlands, just rounding off her schooling. We got talking, chatting & of course, video calls. We both prayed and took time to catch up on events in our lives. It was obvious the lady I was so sure of was the one for me in 2012, is still the one for me. We had several events that happened in between that was confirmation that this union was definitely God-ordained.


Now I am getting married to the lady of my dreams. Everything in between has been so easy. The family embraced us. That’s not to say we didn’t have our relationship challenges, especially being that we are from different part of the Country; she’s from Jos, Plateau & I am from Edo state. We grew up with different ideas and though we share a lot in common, we also have our differences. We are God-ordained and share very strong convictions about being with each other and the beautiful life we will live together. Being entangled in this beautiful love affair with the love of my life is yet another proof of God’s love towards me. This love story goes on forever!

Here’s how the #M&S2020 love story started according to the bride, Semnen:

I met Moses 8 years ago in Jos. Prior to that, we were connected through a mutual friend and kept talking via Facebook. I was in my first year of medical school in Ukraine while he was in Nigeria at the time. He drove to Jos from Abuja to see me during my summer break. I thought he was a Godly, driven and just a nice guy. We dated briefly but distance posed a challenge and we decided to end the relationship. We kept communicating but lost contact at some point.

After medical school, I went for my masters in the Netherlands. During this period, we reconnected and it seemed the right time to give the relationship another chance. By this time, I had stayed more than two years single just investing in other areas of my life and just decided to move on from a relationship. Most importantly, I was asking God for direction to choose the right partner. This is one of the most important decisions I will make in my life. The first time I thought that this guy may actually be the one was when we first prayed together via FaceTime. I felt a strong connection to him and several events later confirmed that God approved of our coming together.

After my master’s program, I decided to come back to Nigeria to explore job options that fit my Public Health specialization and of course to be close to bae. Everything worked out just right! I got a great job in two weeks and Moses and I were great together. It has definitely come with its challenges especially due to our obvious difference (I am from Plateau state and he is from Edo state), but I’d still choose him and there is no one I’d rather go on this journey with. A threefold cord cannot be easily broken! God has to be in the centre!



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    August 8, 2020 at 10:34 AM

    Such a beautiful inspiring story

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    August 8, 2020 at 10:26 AM

    Such a beautiful couple with a beautiful inspiring story. A threefold cord indeed cannot be broken.

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    August 8, 2020 at 10:25 AM

    Such a beautiful strong inspiring story from a beautiful couple. A threefold cord indeed cannot be broken with God involved.

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