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Seunfunmi Got the Most Beautiful Surprise Proposal! We Bet It’ll Make You Blush

What’s not to love about surprises! From the thoughts behind them to the way they make us feel. The length we go to make the ones we love, feel the depth of that love is a reflection of our hearts truest essence.

Seunfunmi got one of such expressions of love when the love of her life went down on one knee to pop the question! What makes it even all the more beautiful was the thoughtfulness put in. Seunfunmi thought was attending her friend’s movie premiere. She got all dressed and to her greatest surprise, rather than a movie, it was a beautiful scene. Romantic lights, rose petals, gentle serenading music, and the magic words in glowing lights… “Will you marry me?” Her friends and close pals were not left out of the mix. Now, you’ve just got to watch this video for yourself to see how it all plays out! We simply can’t get enough of all the emotions and we bet it will get you in your feelings too!

Enjoy the video below:



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