Fill Your Day With Colours From Tayo & Mayowa’s Trad

It goes without saying, that we’re super fans of traditional weddings and most importantly… of love! Today we get to celebrate both – one of which is a product of the other. And it’s all thanks to Tayo and Mayowa!

The sweethearts whose love story started with a wedding party are now well into their own forever journey and it is simply a joy to behold. The pair got traditionally hitched according to the Yoruba customs and it was an all-around colourful affair.

As you know, when it comes to partying, the Yorubas don’t play and they made sure to celebrate this beautiful love affair to the fullest. Tayo was such an elegant bride and Mayowa came through channelling his pure Yoruba angel energy. The love and joy on their faces were unmistakable and we can’t help but bask in the beauty and colours that this beautiful wedding came with. You certainly want to take it all in yourself. You should totally check out their white wedding here as well.

Enjoy their beautiful wedding photos below.

Let’s check out Mayowa and his squad as they also get ready for the big moment…

Now, it’s time for the ceremony…

Make way for the groom!

Here comes the bride!

Now, the veiling and mama’s prayers…

Now, to the unveiling of the bride…

As the Yorubas say, “he who the cap fits…”

What’s a love celebration without the cake!

Now, it’s officially Mr and Mrs!

Make way for the couple of the moment with their elegant wine number!

Now, let’s get into the magic of the first dance…

Now, it’s celebration galore!

Together forever!



Gold Asooke@bisbodv
Wine dress: @ehi.ehii
Second dress@ehi.ehii
After party: @kennyabim
Planner @theeventgirl

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