Gbenga Led Tina on an Anniversary Scavenger Hunt – It Turned Out To Be a Romantic #BNBLing!

Love has a peculiar way of flourishing at an unexpected time or place. While other activities in the world were placed on hold during the pandemic, the wheels of love were still set in motion.

Tina and Gbenga met at a friend’s game night during the pandemic and it’s been a sweet ride ever since. During their anniversary, Gbenga decided to propose to his baby girl by reliving moments in the park where he asked her to be his girlfriend. He planned a scavenger hunt and as Tina followed the trail of clues, memories intertwined with the present… leading her to a beautiful outdoor proposal decor. Gbenga went down on one knee and asked her to be his wife… Of course, she said ‘Yes!’ Their sweet proposal has absolutely made our day and we bet it will make yours too!

Enjoy their proposal photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Gbenga:

We met at a friend’s game night during COVID. We were part of the people that thought COVID was not that serious in the beginning and we were trying to have a good time with our friends. We did not speak much that day but we exchanged socials before the night was over and slid into the DMs. Since we met during the pandemic, I could not take her out on the first date. Instead, I bought all the tools a bartender uses and got different beverages for a cocktail party. She came over to my house and we made some drinks together and just talked about our lives, what we have been through in relationships, what we are looking for and what makes us happy. We just kept on making drinks and stayed up all night, talking about life and what we wanted from it. We have been obsessed with each other ever since. I am looking forward to her walking down the aisle, I cannot wait to see how she looks in her dress, I cannot wait to see her smile and I cannot wait to say ‘I do’.

Here’s how Gbenga popped the question:

I asked her to be my girlfriend during the pandemic. Restaurants and date spots were not open so we decided to hike in the park. During the hike, I found a spot closer to a pond and told her how happy I had been since I met her and I would be honoured if we could make things official and if she would be my girlfriend. So during the proposal, I wanted it to be linked to that moment where I asked her to be my girlfriend, so I planned a scavenger hunt for our anniversary. I told her to get dressed up and paid for her hair and nails as we were going to celebrate our anniversary at a restaurant downtown.

Once she got home, I was not around, I just left a note saying she should meet me at a specific location for her next clue. The location was a park where the team I hired had already set up the proposal scene. Once she arrived, she was surprised we were at a park as she thought it would be the restaurant. I reminded her about the moment I asked her to be my girlfriend in a similar setting and we walked to the proposal setup and everything else is history. I still took her for dinner after the proposal as my fiance loves food so that reservation was already made. lol


Couple: @miz_teena | @barney_rubble00
Photography: @f10studio
Videography: @f10film
Planning and Decor:

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