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15 Years After! Secondary Lovers Grace & Vosa are Saying Yes to Forever!

As they say, the heart knows what it wants, that’s what we get in this beautiful love story of Grace and Vosa.

The beautiful couple Grace and Vosa have known each other for 15 years. They were kinda secondary lovers who got separated by distance when Vosa moved to California but still managed to stay in touch all those years. Fifteen years later and these are ready to walk down the aisle.

Honestly, their love story is so sweet, it is way better to read from both the bride-toe and groom-to-be. So lets into how they met according to Vosa below:

Grace and I met in secondary school way back in 2004. We fell in love right away and promised to never leave each other. Here we are! The end lol’. Ok, I was just kidding. It’s crazy to think that we’ve known each other for 15 years now!. We were in the same class in secondary school and we were friends but Grace was too busy getting A’s (I’m not kidding about this, you can ask anyone who went to school with us) to pay too much attention to the friendship. It was up to me to keep the fire of the friendship burning and I never disappointed!


As you can tell, writing this is fun for me. Oh! let me also tell you about one special day in secondary school, home economics practical day in SS2. By the time Grace finished making that rice and stew and I ate the food all I could say was Thank you, Jesus. She fears God, she’s getting all the A’s and she can cook like this? Baba God has done it for me. Anyway, 2006 came and my parents said we were relocating to California. I was very excited because who wouldn’t be but I was also sad that I would have to leave Grace behind. I remember asking her whether she could ask her parent’s permission to come with my family and I but they said they weren’t ready to let go of her yet (It’s a lie o!). We moved to the U.S later that year but the distance didn’t stop Grace and I from keeping in touch.

We e-mailed each other back and forth, talked on yahoo messenger when we could and even sent gifts to each other (ok it was just me sending lots of gifts to her). To cut the long story short, 2012 came and we decided we were old enough to make things official and move to the next level. I went to visit her in Lagos during my winter break from school and we were finally back together again! We continued on with the ultra long distance for the next four years (I made annual trips to Nigeria during this time) until she moved to Toronto in 2016 when it then became long distance (no more ultra long distance). We lived happily ever after!

Here’s how Grace recalls the start of their love story:

We were classmates in secondary school and seat partners at a point in SS1. We were very good friends but he relocated to the USA and he managed to keep in touch with me somehow ( Hi5, Facebook, Emails). Fast forward to my 21st birthday, he called me that morning, I was expecting a call from someone else but when I picked the call and realized who I was talking to, I was happy to hear from him but disappointed he was not the one I was expecting the call from but as they say, the rest is history. We started talking almost every day and started officially dating August that year. He was in California and I was in Lagos, the long distance relationship was not easy especially dealing with the time difference but it helped us build a strong bond. Between August 2012 and April 2016, he came to Nigeria 3 times (I don’t know how we survived the long distance relationship). When I moved to Canada our relationship became a ‘shorter’ long distance relationship and we have had to go back and forth a lot especially within the last 3 years. Not easy but definitely worth it.

Here’s how Nova popped the big question according to Grace:

We were travelling back to Nigeria in July for my brother’s wedding and we were supposed to make a stop in Paris for 3 days on our way back to Toronto but my passport/visa did not get back to me on time and we had to change our itinerary. Prior to the trip my friends had been teasing me that he was going to propose (especially Kenny, we even had a deal that if I got engaged I owe her dinner and if not she owes me but I still owe her the dinner date) but I honestly did not think so because we had talked about it and I thought he was only going to have a conversation with my dad since we both don’t live in Nigeria.

July 15, 2018, on my way back home from thanksgiving service for my brother’s wedding, we were chatting and he asked me to come to Victoria Island for dinner. I immediately declined because I was so tired and I just wanted to sleep but he kept insisting and I was complaining to my sister who kept persuading me to go. When we got home, she immediately started doing the things I had to do just so I didn’t have a reason to stay home (Thank God for sisters who will ensure you don’t miss your blessing). I reluctantly got dressed and left home and on getting there I met 2 of his friends and for the next 30minutes we were just watching the soccer game and my bae was just busy on his phone, that got me even more annoyed because I could have been sleeping.

After ordering food, he asked me to come upstairs to see the artwork (Dinner was at Terra Kulture) I reluctantly got up and went with him, we went around the room and at a point he drew me close and was telling me how much he loves me and wants to be with me forever and then it dawned on me this could be a proposal. I can’t remember the other things he said before he got on one knee and I took off. I tried to escape through the closest door to me but my brother and his wife showed up, I tried to escape through the next door my sister and some of my friends came in through that door. I was really surprised first about the proposal because I did not see that coming (i knew it would happen eventually) and then family and friends that made it there and by that time I was already crying and I don’t even know why I was running.

Of course, I said yes, took some pictures and it was after I recovered from the shock I looked at my finger and said “wow! the ring is beautiful (I guess I couldn’t see clearly with all the tears) We went back downstairs had dinner and went home. It was indeed a beautiful evening. He is God’s Gift to me, a daily reminder of God’s love for me. The way he loves, treats and respects me is beyond words and I am looking forward to spending forever with him by God’s Grace.



Bride-to-be: @kwin_b
Groom-to-be: @bigvosboss
Planner: @thepearljacob
Photography: @yomipictures


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