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This Couple’s #BNBling Moment Will Have You Blushing Hard!

Proposals are so sweet! We dare say that everyone loves to witness when two love birds make the decision to take their love down the forever path. Today, we get to drool over one of such beautiful moments.

TV Presenter and journalist, Seyitan Atigarin got engaged to the love of her life Stephen on a beautiful trip in the city of love – Paris and the entire moment was a full romcom scene brought to life! While they got lost in each other’s world, a boat of tourists couldn’t help but share in their joyful moment and we just can’t stop smiling at the beauty of it all. This moment just emphasizes the beauty of love and the positive energy has us in our feelings. We bet you’ll be watching this video more than once.

Enjoy the video below and catch more like it here.

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