We’re Totally Admiring This Beautiful Bride & Her Squad!

What makes our winning days and/or special days more beautiful are our friends. Celebrating your special moments with the ones who always want the best for you is such a great feeling.

This beautifully elegant bride got hitched to the love of her life and of course, she had her squad right there with her. Everything about this bride and her #AsoEbiBella ladies, as they got prepped for the big moment have us saying, “Yass girls!” in admiration. Now, we’ve just got to talk about the bride’s exquisite dress. She simply dazzled through and her girls were not caught slacking at all! Their style, swag and formation in this video is simply beautiful to watch. Even without saying a word, you would want to keep watching the video over and again. There are also more beautiful videos like this one here.


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