This Dad & Son Moment on His Wedding Day Will Get You Teary-eyed!

More often than not, the belief that men do not show emotions are reinforced. Of course, this is a social construct and it gladdens our hearts to see this status quo being challenged.

This young man got married to the love of his life and the moment he shared with his dad on his big day completely melts our heart! We always see the Father-daughter dance or Mother-son dance. But have you seen a Father-son dance? It was time for the father and son dance, and the emotions were simply overflowing as the men spent the time in a warm embrace. Swaying slowly in their embrace, all emotions were let out and that fatherly love to a son was more than evident.

If you want to see a purely wholesome display of love today, then you should totally watch this video. We bet you’d be watching it over and over again. Oh, one more thing! Make sure to grab a tissue as this will leave you teary-eyed!

Watch the video below:

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