These Newlyweds at their Thanksgiving Will Have You Deep in Your Feelings

Every time we think we’ve reached the maximum capacity to love love, something so sweet comes up and shows us that there is no end ro this love thing. No contest – love is truly the sweetest thing ever! 😅

This beautiful couple, after getting hitched went to church for their Thanksgiving and all that ensued was so purely wholesome. The sweethearts shared their love story at the altar and went on to serenade each other with love songs. The pastor was a whole mood throughout this Thanksgiving. With the pastor encouraging the couple to share their love and infusing humour, they shared the beginning of their love with everyone and how they got to the forever ship. As soon as the groom went on to serenade his wife, all the emotions were let out and beautiful is not enough adjective to describe the entire atmosphere. Words alone will not describe how deep in our feelings this video has us or how truly beautiful it is. You’ve just got to see for yourself.

Enjoy the sweet video below.

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