If Budgeting Does Not Work In Your Relationship, Try These


Your favourite money girl is here again! So who is ready for some money tips? Leggo!

One of the five pillars of financial wellness is having a budget. Budgeting has so many benefits and I will never tell you not to have one. However, I also understand that budgeting does not work for everyone and even if it works for you, it might not work for your partner.

So what do you do when one (or both) of you absolutely cannot stick to a budget? Here are my hacks for managing your money if budgeting is simply not your cup of tea:


Have separate accounts

It’s okay to combine your finances if you both have the same views on money. If you don’t, my suggestion is to have separate accounts or sorta joint accounts.

What’s sorta joint? Glad you asked. Have one or two joint accounts (maybe 1 NGN and 1 USD) but still have your individual accounts. That way, even if you both don’t actively function with a budget, your joint expenses and investments can go out of your joint accounts while your personal expenses and investments can go out of your personal accounts.

Have more than one bank account individually

Beyond having your own bank account, you will need more than one personal bank account. At the very least, you need an account to save money and one to receive and spend money from. To take it a step further, you will also need an account for your investments. When you separate your money like that, it will stay organized even if you don’t actively use a budget.

Automate your finances

There are many benefits of separating your finances but one drawback is that it can be a hassle and one more thing to add to your to-do list. The solution? Automate your finances. Call your bank and set up some standing orders. That way, once you get credited, your various allocations would go straight to the designated accounts without your continuous active input.

Enjoy what’s left

After doing all the above, feel free to live your best life with what is left in your regular bank account. Being financially responsible does not equate to being restricted. Travel if you want to. Indulge in self-care if you want to. What is left after you have taken care of business is absolutely yours to enjoy.

See you in the next post, sweet friend!

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