What Bridal Occasion will You Rock This Floral Paper Headpiece to?

Brides-to-be, if you’ve been thinking of unique hair accessories or headpiece to rock on your big day, then this bridal shoot is for you.

Wani Olatunde Photography in collaboration with ZZ paperflowers gives us a new, simple but astoundingly creative angle to beautifying the hair on the big day. You might think, of course, it is floral but it is a different kind of floral, it is made with paper. Yes, paper and it is so beautiful, bold and will get you that wow reaction from everyone.

The costumes, styling, makeup and choice of background colours really brought out the beauty of this styled shoot. The photographer, Wani Olatunde Photography shared what inspired this shoot:

I love all things floral and I’m always looking for new ways to celebrate that beauty. I’ve done quite a bit of work with real flowers and this time I wanted to focus on crafted flowers as an alternative to live flowers for brides. I started with the idea of a large floral headpiece and I knew I wanted to build a bridal shoot around this idea. Finding the right partner for this shoot was important and Omoligho Udenta of ZZ paper flowers seemed like the perfect fit. I have been a big fan of hers for a few years now and love her elegant and timeless crafted florals. I eagerly reached out hoping she’d be interested in a collaboration, which she was (yay!) and as we discussed the shoot, it slowly evolved into showcasing the myriad of ways brides could incorporate crafted florals into wedding celebrations.

Now, this is the creative process of the headpiece maker, Omoligho:

One just needs to look at the face of a bride to understand what happens when love, hope and faith meet. There is usually a tender dreamy look in the eye of brides, which I tried to capture in the soft hues and clean lines of the roses I created for the shoot. Each union is in many ways the same yet unique and beautiful at its core. The silvery Grey flowers with beaded lace fabric centres is an attempt to capture this, with each petal being different from the other. Lace over satin was used also because they are traditionally used for bridal gowns

We’re certain you’ll be inspired by these photos, just as we are! Scroll through the gallery below for the rest of the photos





Photography: @waniolatundephotog
Model@bolutiwi__ @catch22models
Assistant: @elijahphotography_@fotosbysept5


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