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You Should Totally Check Out This Beauty Look For Your Trad Slay!

If you asked us our favourite thing about traditional weddings, we will have an endless list. But one thing you’re sure to find is the colours! Traditional weddings are always so colourful and this brightness extends all the way to brides. To this effect, we’ve got something for Igbo brides-to-be.

We’ve got this traditional bridal beauty look for brides who love an alluring glow. The glam by Uwanas Beauty is soft and flawless. The beautiful beads which is representative of the rich Igbo cultural heritage, adds its own beauty to the look and that stylish Isi-agu robe? Absolutely perfect. We love everything about this look and we bet you will too. Click here for more beauty looks.

Check out the photos below and let us know what you think!



Robe /accessories@iyenemibeadscollection

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