Victoria by TUBO Bridal Collection is So Gorg You will Love it!

The first thing we said when we spotted this collection was Wow!

The entire Victoria by TUBO 2020 Bridal Collection is filled with timeless pieces befitting for the modern-day bride. The array of indigenous designs, peculiar start-to-finish sketches and cover-worthy bridal collections, TUBO creates distinct bridal pieces.

According to the Creative Director, Sandrah Tubobereni,

Every stage and every aspect of a woman’s journey is worthy of celebration, from being single to dating, getting married, being a single mum or getting divorced. This collection breaks away from the norm. It celebrates the Tubowoman and the Tubobride in all of her glory. She is living life on her own terms and the choice is always hers, not influenced by what society thinks or expects of her. She can choose to be whoever and whatever she dares to and if she decides to celebrate her wedding or divorce in white or black, TUBO is here to celebrate her.

This collection is a mark away from the routine bridal designs, pitching with a clear motive of class, elegance, originality and acceptance. The creative process transcends into the final product which presents the Bride with feeling the freedom to express and become.

The VICTORIA Collection is described as inclusive, celebrating every woman’s journey and emphasizing that marriage and divorce are not two extremes. The collection celebrates every turns and twist, highlighting the continuity of life even in monumental stages.


Brand: @tubo__

Models: @jazzyogaga @nkemm_

Photography: @EmmanuelOyeleke

Makeup: @beautycookstudios

Styling: @tubobereni_ @harvellastyles

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    October 15, 2022 at 11:41 AM

    Oh my God please don’t stop what you’re doing! I absolutely 🥰 love it ♥️

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