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She Found Her Person! See Blessing & Wale’s Sweet Surprise Proposal

Have you ever searched for something only to find that it had been closer to you all the while? We bet you’ve had one of such moments – haven’t we all! Blessing and Wale can also very well relate. Not in the context of a missing item or object, but in terms of love!

Blessing wanted her own person, someone who would have her heart forever. Although Wale was a known acquaintance, he just was never in that picture! However, everything soon changed after a random meme video got them talking again. Blessing shares it all with us, and you can certainly enjoy it all as you scroll. 2 years after finding and winning each other’s hearts, Wale went on one knee to pop the question and of course, it was a big yes! The handsome gentleman, Wale pulled a pleasant surprise on his heartthrob at an art gallery and we’re just here loving the sweet moment while rooting for the sweethearts. We absolutely love sweet #BNBling moments like this and we simply can’t help our excitement! 🤭

Check out their proposal photos below and enjoy their love story as told by Blessing.

Their love story as Blessing tells it:

Our story goes back to 2015. When we became friends on social media and eventually started running to each other at events. Thereafter, we grew more cordial with one another, going from saying hello to having brief conversations. Fast forward to the summer of 2018. I was not seeing anyone at the moment, but I remember praying to God that at the right time, he should send “My Own person”, the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh.
At this time, I hadn’t seen or spoken to Wale in a few years. However, a few months after I said that prayer, I was browsing through Twitter before going to bed and I came across a funny meme video and thought the person in the video looked exactly like Wale. So, I decided to share with him on Snapchat as a joke to tell him he has a look-alike. Keep in mind we haven’t spoken in years and this was my first time sending him a funny video.

When he received the video, he opened it and didn’t find the video funny at all. 😂😂😥 His response was, “this person does not look like me!” Then stopped responding. I found his response rude and snobbish so I said to myself whatever and laughed once more at the video. A day or 2 after I had sent the video, Wale sends me a message on Snapchat asking for my phone number because he wanted to speak to me about something important. I sent him my number and the call was one I was never expecting. So he calls me that evening and just started speaking. We briefly spoke about the video I sent and jokingly debated whether it looked like him or not. Afterwards, the conversation took a more serious turn.

He explained that around the time I reached out to him, he was already thinking abt reaching out to me to express his interest in me. He expressed that he was serious about getting to know me and pursuing me on a serious level. It was as if God put his name in my heart and mine in his. We spoke on the phone that night for about 2hours, and I got off thinking wow, this was our first real conversation and I was in shock. After we got off the phone, I called my sister and I told her about the conversation I just had. Being newly single, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to mingle. I remember my sister saying very vividly, “what are you waiting for? It didn’t work with the last person, don’t waste time and miss your next person.”

So after some thoughts to it, I went back on social media, and did a thorough look at Wale’s pictures once again and thought to myself he actually is a very good looking man. Tall, dark and handsome – just how I like it. 🤭 I mean I had seen him several times at events but only saw him as a friend. My friends sometimes would joke with me and say “look at your husband” when we bumped into each other at parties and I would jokingly brush it off. All of this was way before he approached me. Anyway, I prayed about it, and also remembered that prayer I prayed to God about sending me, my person. I took a leap of faith and decided to give this dating thing a try once again.  When we started dating we noticed we were so alike.

Although I was born and raised in Nigeria, I grew up in New York. Wale was born and raised in New York. Though we had different upbringings, we still connected and had a lot in common. The compatibility was sooo much it was almost scary. We even planned our entire wedding and life at beginning of our dating phase. We would talk nonstop, and couldn’t seem to get off the phone with each other… while he was at work, or I was in school or my gigs, we were so glued and connected to each other. Eventually, we became best friends and on July 18th, 2021, 2 years after dating… Wale got on his knees and asked me to marry him, just like he said he would in the beginning. We are so excited for this next phase of our lives and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.



Bride-to-be: @beautybybless
Makeup: @beautybybless
Groom-to-be: @wale_fresco
Grooming: @thebeardszn
Suit: @styledby_dm
Photography: @lindamcqueenphotography
Gallery: @voltzclarkgallery | @blairvoltzclarke

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